Direct Advertising. From A to A.

What is direct marketing? It’s asking for prospects to do something and then capitalizing on that activity.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, NJ or nationwide, First Looks direct marketing produces high response rates.

The best definition of direct marketing hasn’t changed in six decades. Whether it’s online or offline, all direct advertising or direct marketing strategies rely on getting the recipient to do something…something deliberate within a particular time frame. Direct response advertising requires consumers to do more than relate to your brand, they need to call the number, click this button, clip this coupon, fill in the application or visit your website.

Based in New Jersey, First Looks direct marketing and direct advertising reach all of America. Our higher response rates involve executing a three-part strategy.

A direct advertising ad agency helps you first decide what channels to use. This may be an integration of many or the strengths of just one (i.e., only direct mail or only email). The message then needs to convince and direct the reader to take a specific action (call a number, visit a website, clip a coupon, etc.). With that action taken, the advertiser then needs to respond in a timely manner. That might include sharing a video or whitepaper, or processing an application for a credit card or insurance policy. Every additional activity within fulfillment is an important touchpoint that needs professional packaging and delivery.

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To be one of the best direct marketing agencies in NJ you have to show response rates that beat the control.

All the direct marketing strategies, solutions or tips work to accomplish a high response rate. These response rates define the success of a direct marketing campaign. Often a top direct marketing advertising agency is called in to help establish a new control — usually accomplished by beating the old control. A direct marketing ad agency in NJ (or anywhere in the US) conceives projects and direct campaigns with a keen observation of how to get people to act. Remember, the best direct marketing awards honor not only how attractive the direct mail looks, but also how well it performs.

Direct Marketing Solutions include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Target Coding
  • Direct Mail List
  • Magazine Direct Advertising
  • Broadcast and Cable Direct Advertising
  • 1-800 Call Center Scripts and Logistics
  • Fulfillment Programs and Follow-Ups
  • Radio Direct Advertising
  • Tracking and Monitoring

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