Direct Mail Marketing. Open opportunities in the comfort of your home.

Top direct mail marketing campaigns get not only high response rates but also high conversion rates.

Direct mail marketing success for your company is twofold: establishing a control package, then breaking it.

Direct mailings continue to be a cornerstone of most direct marketing programs. The effectiveness of traditional offline direct mail is measured by the response rate it generates. The response rate is measured by the rate of response to the call-to-action relative to the number of pieces mailed out. That response might be a call to a 1-800 number, a visit to a landing page, a fill-in/mail-back application or form. The singular, most successful package tested and proven is the “control” package.

The best direct mail agencies in NJ have both the experience of applying award-winning creative and proven direct mail strategies in achieving successful campaigns of breaking control packages.

In working with many of America’s largest direct mail advertisers, First Looks aims to break their control, thereby increasing the response rate without raising production and mailing costs. Years of success doing this gives us insight on how your customer will receive, open and act upon your direct mail. The creation–from a simple postcard, personalized direct mail letter or the use of a particular outside envelope–helps us to maximize the open and response rates and increase your return on investment.

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Some of America’s largest direct mail advertisers have used First Looks.

More than 25 years of direct mail experience fuels First Looks’ impressive portfolio of case histories in the national insurance, financial, healthcare and publishing sectors. We offer more affordable packages than many of the larger NYC direct mail agencies, quite often beating their controls.

  • AARP
  • Bank of America
  • Barron’s
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Conde Naste
  • Forbes
  • The Hartford
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Times

Direct Mail Services include:

  • B2B Direct Mail
  • Photography/Artwork
  • B2C Direct Mail
  • Production/Placement
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Versioning/Segmentation
  • Postal Mail Lists
  • Direct Mail Fulfillment
  • Personalized Direct Mail
  • Forms/Applications