Email Advertising. Faster than the mailman.

Direct Email marketing services to improve your open rates and, more importantly, your conversion rates.

Whether it’s in NJ or across America, the open rates of blast, drip or marketing automation campaigns define the success of direct programs. Improve your open rates with First Looks Advertising’s email marketing service.

HTML Email marketing arrives all day long on a screen near you. Harnessing its power, by packaging the message and channeling its delivery, makes our email marketing service the fastest-growing service at First Looks; recognized as one of the best email marketing agencies in New Jersey. National and regional clientele use the experience of First Looks to develop the creative layouts and execution of their email campaigns and online projects.

Whether it’s from a drip, blast or programmed marketing automation activity, a successful email campaign is designed not only to inform but also to solicit an action. That action—that follow-up—might be a download to view, fill out an application or form, watch a video, make a phone call or buy a product.

Few email marketing advertising agencies in NJ have the success of breaking the controls for national direct advertisers.

For over 15 years, national and regional clientele have used the experience of First Looks for their email campaigns. Our success at breaking their established controls grants even more challenging projects from many of our Fortune 500 clients.

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An award-winning NJ email ad agency is ready to develop and deploy your email marketing strategy.

Creating HTML emails is part art, part science. Here, the disciplines from First Looks’ successful email marketing come into play. Vital to any success of email advertising are three components: the offer itself, the quality of your email list, the successful packaging and deployment of your email. First Looks’ award-winning creative services (awarded not only here in New Jersey, but nationally) of web copywriting and web design produce attractive emails that achieve impressive open, click and response rates.  Complementary to our creative and email list procurement services, our web analytics help monitor, adjust and capitalize on the digital behaviors of your target groups.

Email Marketing Services include:

  • Email Blast Service
  • Drip Marketing
  • HTML Email Ads Design
  • Email List Procurement & Management
  • HTML Email Ads Programming
  • Email Deployments
  • Email Campaigns
  • Email Copywriting
  • Email Analytics
  • Subscription Emails
  • E-Billing Emails
  • HTML Email Templates
  • Landing Page Follow-Ups
  • B2B & B2C Emails
  • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • IP Tracking