The role of advertising agencies.
How to choose?

Everyone wants a top ad agency. But selecting the best agency for your company isn’t as easy as picking from the top 10.

Though a list of the top 10 agencies in New Jersey would probably include those with the largest billing, the best agency for you should be selected based on other criteria.

If your marketing and advertising needs are more project-oriented than full-service, choose an advertising agency that has the specialty in what you need. If you already know what advertising services are required, pick an agency that best identifies itself with those types of services. That may include:

  • A Digital Marketing Agency
  • A Design Agency
  • A Web Design Agency
  • A Media Buying Agency
  • A Creative Agency
  • A Direct Marketing Agency
  • A Branding Agency

Of course there is overlap of agencies’ profiles and all of their services. A top marketing firm may also be an excellent creative agency, but if your project or program has a “core” of influence, choose an agency with that core expertise.

If your need is for a full-service agency, include in your agency search firms that, at the very least, have a workable knowledge and application of the many facets that will define your marketing mix. They may not need a high degree of expertise in all, but the best marketing agencies in New Jersey know market integration—defining the right mix and the know-how (internal or external) to execute its components.

Many times a client will not know what services or specialties are needed. Here, an advertising agency that can show successful marketing campaigns that used a variety of successful services and deployments will help align their services to your needs. Doing so will give you the best opportunities to succeed in your marketing and advertising.

The best advertising agencies in NJ are ones that can consistently deliver top marketing solutions to their clients. First Looks has a 25-year history of doing just that!

fjFirst and foremost, the best role an advertising agency can take is one of a partner. The successful relationship between agency and client is more than the alignment of skills and services. It also includes the people skills of communication, respect and trust. Ad agency searches are as much about finding the right experience as they are about forming a lasting relationship. Find both with First Looks.

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