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Ready for online, website and YouTube videos? Let’s start with a video marketing strategy.

We’re a top video ad agency in NJ ready with online media production – including YouTube videos – and a tailored video strategy for your company.

The Future of Digital Marketing lies with online video. The popularity and effectiveness of website videos, YouTube videos and other types of online videos offer vast opportunities for digital marketing of your brand, products or services. Every integrated marketing plan needs to consider video marketing.

We all know viral YouTube videos are enjoyed by millions of viewers every day. A testimony to the popularity of online videos is the public’s embrace of being educated, informed or–in the case of most viral videos–entertained. The same type of delivery–storytelling with visual and audio–appeals to almost all target groups.

  • Freedom Bank YouTube and Website Video 1:20
  • NJMLS Member Video
  • Passaic 2020 Census
  • Online Videos (Series of 4 for Rider Insurance) “Passenger Safety” 1:31
  • You Tube Videos (1 of 26 online video series for Carrier Clinic) “Pet Therapy” 1:37
  • Corporate Video for Rider Motorcycle Insurance 4:05
  • Product Video for Glacier Fresh Water Refrigerator Filters 2:17
  • Educational Videos (1 of 5 for Hybridge Learning Group) “Autism-Differential Reinforcement” 1:08
  • Website Video for NJ’s Merrick Luxury Home Builder 3:28
  • Corporate Video for NJ’s HMH Carrier Clinic 5:49
  • Hackensack Meridian Blake Recovery Center InStream :30
  • Online Marketing For NJ’s Carrier Clinic 1:42 Take The Tour
  • Promotional Video for Passaic City Opportunity Zone 4:38
  • Online Video for NJ’s Blake Recovery Center, part of Hackensack Meridian Health 2:30
  • NJMLS :30 InStream Video (Branding)

First Looks Advertising. A video ad agency in New Jersey that can not only put your story in motion but can make sure that story is being seen.

First Looks not only produces the website videos, but also the online media strategy that drives them. Be it a YouTube campaign, Facebook campaign or a content marketing program, the initial primary objective is to be seen. Here, advanced SEO components help identify and target market opportunities. So whether it’s a  “how-to guide” series, package of educational videos or a corporate video, offering these free videos to the consumer can produce attractive results and ROIs.

Online Video Services include: