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4 Tips for Small Business Marketing

Advertising Right Now? Go With the Best Performer: Digital Marketing.
tips for small business marketing often include making money online through PPC advertising
Tips for small business marketing have changed due to COVID-19. Right now, everyone is plotting their next steps. Disruptions abound. Though the new normal shows up in every discussion of marketing or advertising, no one knows–yet, what it means!

Clearly, digital marketing is the best platform to embrace coming out of this pandemic. You may not know when your target audience will be ready to buy again, but you can pull and push them now toward that direction.

Here are 4 tips to apply right now:

1. Make sure your website is optimized.
Responsive design–making sure the now dominant mobile reader can see and appreciate your site. SEO-update as needed for new search inquires including voice. Do an audit, fix structural issues. Make sure your content is updated and attractive.

2. Start or expand your email program.
Moving a web visitor to a client starts with an open and a click. Both are now operating with much higher numbers with your target at home in front of their computers. Increase deployments while offering relevant messaging.

3. Update your social media platforms.
New customers may want to know who you are or what you stand for. Make sure they can feel good about who they’re buying from.

4. Review if/when a PPC campaign needs to be started or updated.
First be sure items 1,2 & 3 above are addressed. Paid media can be an extremely efficient campaign to match the right product with the right audience. Use testing to hold budget and success accountable.

For help kick-starting your post-pandemic marketing program, contact Courtney Dicely to discuss your individual situation.

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