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4 Ways to Decrease Page Load Time

Increase conversions by decreasing time to load web pages
Decrease page load time: Close-up of an isolated hand presses the stopwatch start button in the sport, measurements, metrology
Should you decrease page load time on your site? We’ve become accustomed to getting information immediately. Consequently, companies lose conversions when their websites fail to load quickly. When web pages lag while loading, viewers click elsewhere, ultimately losing the chance for business. Don’t make new clients wait! Instead, use these four tips to decrease web page loading time:
  1. Reduce media sizes:  don’t upload huge images -size photos according to design parameters and compress videos or use an alternate linked video service
  2. Use cache:  avoid time-consuming queries by creating a static HTML version of the page
  3. Reduce third-party presence: especially if this loads prior to your own content, it will take valuable time and energy from the server
  4. Check CSS and JavaScript: audit regularly to ensure maximized performance

For more information on how to decrease page load time, increase your conversion rate, website design, and traditional or digital marketing, contact Courtney at First Looks.