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5 SEO Tips to Maximize your Video Content

Search Engines Love Video!
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Read on for 5 SEO Tips! According to a study, web pages with video are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of search results. Embedding video on your web page (instead of a third-party such as YouTube) can generate leads and drive referral traffic, ultimately allowing your site to rank higher on search results.

Maximize your video content with these 5 SEO Tips:

  1. Include important keywords in your video title and description in a way that is user-friendly.
  2. Associate a text transcript with your video not only for accessibility but so search engines can better read your content.
  3. Add the video file, a thumbnail image, title, and description information to your page to allow search engines to include your video directly in related search results.
  4. Keep your video short – this gives your site the opportunity to multiply the number of videos that you can rank highly for.
  5. Share your videos on several platforms to attract inbound links that will boost your SEO rankings.

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