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5 MORE Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Presence

Ensure your LinkedIn stands out with these simple steps
LinkedIn is a social network for search and establishment of business contacts. Here is a photo of a person using a tablet to access a LinkedIn account.

Your LinkedIn profile provides a platform to share information, market your business to a specific target audience, and increase your social media presence. Here are 5 tips to maximize your LinkedIn success. Click here for our first “5 Tips to Increase Your Presence on LinkedIn”.

  1. Add a custom button to your profile to drive business actions (e.g. “Visit Website” or “Sign Up”).
  2. Create custom hashtags in your profile settings: #firstlooks #firstlooksagency #firstlooksadvertisingagency
  3. Leverage your existing content for a steady posting stream – blogs, posts from other social media, etc.
  4. Add a LinkedIn button on emails, website & other communications.
  5. Include images in your updates to increase engagement by up to 98%.

LinkedIn marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by building your network through organic posts and updates—and when you’re ready for next-level success, contact First Looks for a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including LinkedIn’s highly-targeted advertising options.

For more information on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile, website design, and traditional or digital marketing, contact Courtney at First Looks.