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5 tips to increase your presence on LinkedIn

Use these simple techniques to make your LinkedIn stand out
increase your social media presence by making your LinkedIn profile stand out. The image shows two hands shaking, one coming out of a laptop and one from the laptop user


LinkedIn is used to build networks and open communication with like-minded business professionals and clients. Although primarily used to connect with others, a LinkedIn profile can also be used as a platform to share relevant information, market your business to a specific target audience, and increase your social media presence. Here are 5 simple tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out:



  1. Use strong headlines with keywords that your target audience is interested in
  2. Include a comprehensive summary on profile; use keywords to describe future of your company
  3. Personalize LinkedIn URL to make searchable
  4. Add 5+ skills and collect endorsements from past clients
  5. Include testimonials from clients/customers


When ready, be sure to promote your LinkedIn profile on your website, other social media, and even online newsletters to make others aware of your online presence.

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