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6 Ways to Improve Website Conversion Rates

Better Copy = Better Conversions
website conversion rates through better website copy will have people viewing and sharing your website like the people in this image

Many components play a role in improving website conversion rates from the traffic on your site. One of the most overlooked is your web copy. Make sure, as you work to convert prospects into customers, you’re talking their language. Back to basics, but worth repeating

1. Strong Headline – This should be descriptive and targeted enough to reassure your prospect they are at the right place. It should also capture their attention and make them want to continue reading.

2. Body Text – Convey the benefits of your product or services to the customer. Don’t focus on what “we” do, but how it solves their problem.

3. Unique Selling Proposition – Dig until you find it…what sets you apart from your competition? Tell it in the web copy.

4. A Compelling Offer – Free sample or trial, exclusive discount, guarantee, free gift or free information; if appropriate, give urgency in the offer with a “limited time” element.

5. A Clear and Direct Call to Action – “Call us Today,” “Schedule your Appointment Today.”

6. Credibility – Make sure all contact information listed, press mentions, 3rd party trust seals, groups associated with, testimonials and reviews (think video) are presented.

Improving your website conversion rates is influenced by many factors. Proper copy construction is a mandatory component needed to turn page visits into paying customers.

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