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Test your marketing expertise or, better yet, increase it. This bi-weekly e-communication of First Looks’ @-A-Glance delivers free marketing tips and information you can actually use! Not blog-like opinions, but proven marketing techniques, marketing strategies, “how-to’s” and checklists to improve your marketing strategies and executions. Here’s real stuff you’ll care about, might learn from, or just find interesting – from digital marketing to website design to print advertising and more.

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Website Design Tips

Great website design just doesn't happen. Here are website design tips that can give any website an improvement. Proven techniques and advice that add visual impact and an enriched viewing experience. Visit these now to get more visits later!

Marketing Tips

What is marketing? What are the different types of marketing? What is the right marketing mix? Though each marketing campaign is different, there are some tips and techniques that can help you meet any marketing objective. See which ones can put you on the fast track!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips

Tips and techniques for SEO (search engine optimization) can help improve your page rankings and, in turn, website visits. Many of the SEO tips can also be applied to SEM (Search Engine Marketing) activities. These SEO optimization tips can become a core component of your website marketing program.

Email and Direct Mail Tips

Direct response marketing includes a host of different activities. Here’s a great collection of tips on direct mail campaigns as well as tips and techniques on email marketing and email advertising. Get the response you need by applying these great direct mail ideas.

Advertising Tips

Top advertising agencies know the tips and techniques that produce results. Now you can too! All advertising and marketing strategies rely on strong tactual approaches. Here’s a collection of some of the best advertising tips that can get you the best results.

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