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Balanced Media Plan: What to do

Reach More Consumers by Mixing Marketing Channels
balanced media plan represented by hands connecting jigsaw puzzle pieces

When developing a marketing plan, you’ll want to utilize the most effective channels for communication. Even with the rising popularity of digital media, traditional marketing techniques continue to be highly effective. Consider the benefits of employing a mix of different media channels for a balanced media plan that reaches a larger audience.

  • Consumers use a mix of media. Younger audiences use their phones a lot, but they’re also the heaviest users of radio, television, and print.
  • Integrated marketing is effective. A marketing mix more effectively reaches consumers wherever they happen to be looking/listening.
  • Multiple platforms to choose from. Traditional marketing strategies remain effective – especially when combined with digital marketing – appealing to both younger and older audiences. Consider billboards, radio, cable, magazine, newspaper and direct mail to broaden your reach.

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