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How to Get the Best ROI on Outdoor Advertising

Be sure your showings are as productive as possible
Billboards like this can be located opposite traffic light for an auto body shop. Get the best ROI on outdoor advertising

3 Steps to establish amazing ROI on outdoor advertising.

Post COVID will no doubt have a positive effect on the outdoor advertising industry. With so many cars parked in driveways and garages, for many months outdoor boards lay dormant (showing old ads) during the pandemic.

Soon, billboards will return to their trusted and true delivery of advertisements. It’s appropriate to take a few important measures to make sure your showings are as productive as possible. For the best ROI on outdoor advertising, follow these steps:

1. It should be obvious, but make sure your message is quick, clean and simple. That’s easier if it’s just a branding exposure…a bit more challenging if something else.

2. In addition to “Eyes on Board” data provided by the outdoor companies, review data from Geopath. Using mobile device trip data, it offers advertisers precise measurements of how many people are passing that location. This is vital information if you want to get the best ROI on outdoor advertising.

3. Attach a digital trail. For this to work, your board needs a call to action. A simple promo code (e.g. “yes”) and/or dedicated landing page will allow you to track leads and revenue. As always, track before and after analytics on your website and social media. Include all relevant engagement metrics–opens, clicks, shares, comments & conversions.

Everyone will be happy when a post COVID world returns. For outdoor advertising, that’s really something to look forward to…look up at, over there, to the right, to the left or straight ahead.

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ROI on Outdoor Advertising like this billboard for NJMLS.com

You may have seen this billboard for our client, NJMLS