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One of our best blogging tips: Beginner or pro–remember that driving traffic is why you blog.
Here are five more tips to execute.

While the first rule of blogging is to create interesting and relevant content, its main goal is to drive traffic to your site. Start with the keywords people are actually typing into their search bar to find websites like yours. From that list of keywords, choose your blog subjects, and start writing.

For better blog SEO, include one target keyword per blog following these tips:

Title – keep it under 55 characters, include your keyword, and if possible use “How to…” or “3 steps to…” or other list-based/instructional titles. Readers like these.
Subtitle – no need for your keyword here. Can be longer than your title.
Subhead – can be a repeat/rewording of the title or new text, but include your target keyword (even better if that keyword is the first word).
Length – 2-5 paragraphs, including the targeted keyword 1-4 times. You can also include other keywords here. If your topic allows, go long–research shows longer blogs are shared more often.
Content – When possible use bullets, numbered lists, or boldfaced emphases to break up the text for easier reading.

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