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Billboards like this can be located opposite traffic light for an auto body shop. Get the best ROI on outdoor advertising

How to Get the Best ROI on Outdoor Advertising

Be sure your showings are as productive as possible

3 Steps to establish amazing ROI on outdoor advertising. Post COVID will no doubt have a positive effect on the outdoor advertising industry. With so many cars…

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Data points represented by a woman holding up holograms of graphs and charts

Data Points on Marketing Industry and the Coronavirus

Disappointment and Opportunity

Dealing with an unknown, one tool to help define a position, plot a trajectory or understand the situation is data. We’ve heard of the disastrous effects the…

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Family watching emotional advertising on tv

Emotional Advertising: 5 Questions to Ask

If you don't feel it...don't run it.

Currently the TV landscape is filled with emotional advertising. From praising our healthcare workers to reassuring us that normal will one day return, commercials are working to…

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Remote control to watch television, including commercials by national advertisers

National advertisers change messaging during pandemic

Since you're watching more, watch with a marketer's mindset

Are you watching more TV now? While your viewing habits have changed, the national advertisers are changing, too. Here are a few observation points to look for…

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