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online branding represented by various icons surrounding a smart phone

Online Branding: Digital Center of Excellence

As new online channels grow, your brand needs to grow too

A brand’s presence online can be its most valuable asset; while constantly advancing it can also be its most challenging. For effective online branding, keeping online pages active…

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examples of materials created after establishing a brand

Establishing a Brand

The benefits of establishing your brand and then using it.

Every successful brand projects more that just the products or services that company offers. It projects an ideology—a personality. Achieving this poses some challenges, but without first…

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branding success starts with analyzing audience reaction and determining if your brand matches your voice

For branding success, be different

Create a powerful and memorable experience.

Embracing the traditional “fit the mold” approach to branding positions your company to be “fit for failure.” In order to successfully set your business apart from the masses, embrace an outside-the-box strategy. Develop…

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Style guide example for brand identity and consistency in marketing efforts

The Style Guide: Style Meets Clarity

What's so important about a style guide?

The style guide provides the standards for the design of your company’s brand identity elements. While companies often overlook it, this is an essential aspect of any marketing…

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