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Pantone colors as a string of Christmas lights

Pantone Colors are Essential for Marketing and Design

Make Pantone colors a part of your design world.

What are your brand’s Pantone colors? As the world’s most standardized color matching system, Pantone is the language of colors-used in both offline and online design programs…

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graphic designs examples

Graphic Designs: more important than you think

A graphic designer works to create a company’s personality.

Clients don’t need to know good graphic designs from the bad. All they have to say to get a designer worried, stressed out, argumentative is, “it just…

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Collateral samples from First Looks' healthcare marketing client Carrier Clinic for an article on collateral design tips

Collateral Design Tips: How to keep it relevant

Collateral isn't old fashioned, obsolete or unpopular.

But the digital revolution has changed how collateral is used – sharing the stage with fast-produced, affordably-priced and quick-delivery online presentations. Brochures, flyers, posters, folders, handouts and…

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Brochure Design Example for Brochure Design Tips

Brochure Design: Best Practices

Think brochures are old school? You're right. Think brochures are ineffective? You're wrong.

Brochure Design Tips Marketing in the digital world has a way of discarding tried and true tools that don’t express themselves in 0s and 1s. The fact…

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