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Social Marketing Goals: Magnified illustration with the word Social Media on white background

Social Marketing Goals and Objectives

Don't forget this important first step!

Have you thought about your social marketing goals? You’ve heard (and for good reason) about the benefits of applying the SMART approach to marketing strategy and execution….

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digital marketing for small business

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business

Smart Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Increasing your brand awareness remains a top priority for all businesses–large or small. Today, marketing is about meeting consumers where they are–being in the right place at…

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tips for small business marketing often include making money online through PPC advertising

4 Tips for Small Business Marketing

Advertising Right Now? Go With the Best Performer: Digital Marketing.

Tips for small business marketing have changed due to COVID-19. Right now, everyone is plotting their next steps. Disruptions abound. Though the new normal shows up in…

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Lowest CPC CPL CPV or CPM pricetags

For Lowest CPC, Facebook or Twitter?

Cost Per Click is valuable info, but it’s not all the info you need.

First, this is not a do-all “how-to improve your social media campaigns” lesson. What’s reported today about  lowest CPC (cost-per-click)  is just one of the many judgment…

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