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how to track marketing campaigns to increase profits

How to Track Marketing Campaigns

Use your tracking and measurements to go to the bank!

Are you wondering how to track marketing campaigns? Don’t just go through the motions—use your metrics to increase profits. Tracking needs to not only tell you something…

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Digital Marketing for Small Business and setting SMART marketing goals for small business

SMART Marketing Goals for Small Business

The basics of SMART goal-setting

What are SMART marketing goals? Specific: Try to be as thorough and detailed as you can so there is no room for interpretation on what your team…

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Online Marketing Strategy reminded us of this quote by Emily Dickinson

Online Marketing Strategy: 7 Reasons to Keep Writing Blogs

Blogs are words. And nothing yet has replaced their power.

The never-ending task of almost every online marketing strategy is to get even more people to know their company, products or services. Toward that goal, content marketing…

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Touchpoints represented by man using device to find target


Maintain a touchpoint strategy without offending consumers

Digital marketing throws a lot at us. At over 5,000 ads per day per person, the best practice of directing 7 touchpoints to solicit a call to…

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