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What can a top B2B marketing agency do for your business? Apply a tailored set of B2B strategies and services that get your business recognized, promoted and patronized.

B2B marketing is more than applying the services of a regular digital marketing agency to your advertising program. B2B companies need communications that properly brand themselves on a specially designed B2B website, project that brand on appropriate online channels, and complement those digital approaches with appropriate offline channels. Successful B2B agencies in New Jersey appreciate how competitive your marketing landscape is and work to give your company distinction, benefit and most importantly, successful exposure to your B2B prospects.

These First Looks business to business marketing examples highlight different B2B services and strategies that have helped businesses in NJ compete nationwide.


Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind range hood masterpieces define the artisan products of this New Jersey manufacturer. Introducing Amoré to the custom luxury market included initial branding programs defining their corporate identity and position in the marketplace including logo design and a B2B advertising program. With completion of the website, Amoré now competes nationally for the placement of its products in many of America’s finest homes.

Services: Website Design Email Marketing Print Advertising Corporate Identity Branding Collateral

Deltan Data Recovery Services

Utilizing skill sets from criminal computer forsenics, Deltan’s entrance into the data recovery sector needed professional help to package and promote their sets of services for both the consumer and business communities. First Looks was chosen to create the initial brand and design a new website to establish a presence on the web via strong SEO components directed to their primary target audiences.

Services: Logo Design Website Design

Fromkin Brothers

For one of the largest commercial painting and flooring companies in the Northeast, First Looks has helped Fromkin Brothers enter the online world showcasing their heritage and establishing their brand to new prospects in the healthcare, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries in the tri-state area. A B2B construction branding success!

Services: Website Design Branding Collateral Direct Mail

H&H Swiss

As a manufacturer of fine precision parts, H&H Swiss is a 45-year-old company that supplies parts to the technology, healthcare and airline industries. With competition from overseas, H&H Swiss asked First Looks to help with their online communications with the objective of bringing more people to their website and increasing the conversion of those leads into sales.

Services: Marketing Automation Website Design Email Marketing

National Balloon Council

A trade organization working directly with the retailers and manufacturers of balloons, the National Balloon Council’s mission is to foster the safe application of balloons: production, selling and proper disposal. First Looks redesigned their website to give a more contemporary presentation, highlighting their new applications and features in an attractive non profit website.

Services: Website Design

Netherwood Group

A B2B consulting company that works directly with America’s CEOs. This group works to package, foster, promote and initiate a CEO’s missions, objectives and directions throughout his/her Fortune 500 organization. To achieve B2B branding success for the Netherwood Group, First Looks branded the company, as well as produced collateral, web videos and online communications.

Services: Brochure Design Web Videos Website Design Branding

New Jersey Multiple Listing Service

Since 1977, the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service has served Realtor members in northern NJ. Their consumer-facing site boasts the most extensive and up-to-date real estate listings in the area – with millions of visitors each year. NJMLS initially came to First Looks for expanded digital advertising, direct mail and collateral programs. Successful new Facebook and programmatic campaigns, as well as an updated brand image, double digit improvements to Google Ads CTRs and First Looks’ signature collaborative approach led NJMLS to retain First Looks for ongoing marketing programs.

Services: Digital Advertising Special Events Print Design Brochure Development Outdoor Advertisng Logo Design HTML Emails Brochure Design Web Videos Corporate Identity Branding

NLC Solutions

Another small business success. Serving the office building sector and mid-size businesses in central New Jersey, an office cleaning service came to First Looks for a re-brand. With new name, new market positioning and a new website, new business contracts produced an attractive ROI in less than four months.

Services: Website Design Email Marketing Branding

Precision Shape Solutions

Propelled at 55,000 pounds per square inch, water jet cutting offers a flexible and versatile resource in wide variety of manufacturing processes. First Looks was chosen to rebrand and build a website to position PSS into a state-of-the art provider of water jet and laser cutting, fabricating and finishing of metal materials. Serving the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, military, construction, automotive, medical, and other industrial companies, online marketing helped position PSS as a one stop source for industrial clients.

Services: Logo Design Website Development Branding

Revere Paper

A 50-year-old office supplies vendor to large corporations in New York City and north New Jersey, Revere Paper needed its first-ever online exposure. First Looks rebranded the company with a new website, with strong SEO for its large variety of products. Rollout of new website was complemented by local direct mail.

Services: Website Design Email Marketing Direct Mail