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Collateral Design Tips: How to keep it relevant

Collateral isn't old fashioned, obsolete or unpopular.
Collateral samples from First Looks' healthcare marketing client Carrier Clinic for an article on collateral design tips

But the digital revolution has changed how collateral is used – sharing the stage with fast-produced, affordably-priced and quick-delivery online presentations. Brochures, flyers, posters, folders, handouts and other print materials still play a valuable role in your marketing program. Keep it all relevant by following these collateral design tips:

Measuring its “design” quality. Though great designs may indeed be timeless, an old design can make your collateral truly old-fashioned, obsolete and unpopular.

Using it for larger brand building/reinforcement. Unless you have no choice, assign the task of keeping product info up-to-date and current to your online presentations.

Using your style guide. This ensures all collateral items reflect your brand, keeping it constant in its visual presentation. Don’t have a style guide yet? Get one!

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