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Content Strategy: Managing For Success

Change content not presentation.
Content Marketing Reaches People as depicted in this photo of Businessmen Discussing Content Strategy

With the objective of attracting, engaging and converting, the value of content strategy in today’s digital marketing environment is undisputed.

The subject of your content is paramount to your inbound program. Proper management of your campaign is the second most important component. Part of this is the visual packaging. To ensure that your audience doesn’t get sidetracked by different types of presentation styles–have a reliable and manageable format for all of your content.

Here are three tips on formatting your content:

• Make sure all white papers adhere to a single graphic template that clearly shows your company and the topic name.

• With video content, a similar opening and closing (bookends) help solidify and package your presentation.

• Electronic newsletters, case histories, or how-to manuals need a consistent template to match ongoing expectations from your audience.

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