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Digital Marketing Trends: SEO and PPC

Wall Street says “follow the trend.” Madison Avenue should too!
SEM PPC (eg Google Ads) data analysis for online media plans follow digital marketing trends
Do you follow digital marketing trends? In case you don’t remember, digital advertising didn’t even exist just a short time ago. After October 1994 when the first digital ad was posted, the world of marketing has undergone nothing short of a paradigm shift.

Advice from Wall Street repeats a proven instruction to “follow the trend”. The same advice should be applied as you plot and execute your digital marketing plans. Of course, each marketing objective is unique, and its solutions need to be tailored very specifically. There is, though, merit in considering what other advertisers currently embrace, use and fund.

Digital trends constantly expand and change. Effectively leveraging the wide variety of digital platforms, offerings and activities takes expertise and agility. Here are some stats to keep up with current trends:

   -Over 60% of marketers invest regularly in SEO

   -Most online advertisers say SEO helps more than PPC for generating sales

   -Mobile searches for “___ near me today” increased 900% in the last two years

   -The highest conversion rates happen on a landing page

   -The lowest conversion rates happen from a popup

   –Over 90% of all searches happen on a Google platform

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