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Email Open Rates: The Inside Track to Inbox Success

3 ways to improve relationships & revenue during the pandemic
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Let’s face it, COVID-19 has us all in some form of lock-down. For certain industries, this day-to-day routine of us staring at the screen with little else to do (OK…a little bit of work!) has sales booming. If your business is not one of these fortunate few, there are other pandemic effects you should take advantage of—across the board, email open rates and click through rates have seen significant increases. Along with the need to still purchase, even while sitting in a chair, conversion rates are up too!

The necessity of continuing to invest in email marketing is a no-brainer. Keep in mind, though, while your audience is more attentive now, it is also smarter and choosier. Make sure you’re working within their online environment by following these three important approaches:

  • Be real, candid and authentic. No one likes to be fooled or manipulated by promotional email. With more time to digest an online communication, your audience has more time to judge your believability. Being honest and considerate helps your brand and increases conversions—an even better outcome than high email open rates.
  • Make it simple. If you have a landing page, make it easy to fill-in and quick to get out. If your links take them to other destinations, make sure they work and your visitors are instantly rewarded.
  • Keep them close. Use this opportunity to reinforce your brand and what you stand for. Gain allegiance by offering discounts, money-back guarantees, loyalty programs.
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