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Email Subject Line: How many words to use?

Choose your words wisely.
email subject line affects open rates

Success of any email campaign starts with the email subject line. While it may be tempting to write a lengthy description to produce an open or click, research shows that it’s better to remain concise. Generally, the longer the subject line, the lower the open rates.

As mobile devices continue to soar in popularity and usage, consumers are reading their emails on the go, and want something that’s straight to the point. While short subject lines are favorable, however, emails with subject lines that are too short fall into the same downfall as lengthy subject lines. So, what’s the perfect length? Consider these research findings:

  • subject lines with 6 to 10 words average a 21% open rate.
  • subject lines with 11 to 15 words average a 14% open rate.
  • subject lines containing up to 5 words average a 16% open rate.

While remaining concise is key, writing a compelling subject line boosts your open rates and gets people to read your emails.

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