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Establish Loyalty with Millennials in 3 Steps

Strategies to Keep Every Consumer Engaged
Establish Loyalty with Millennials shown with photo of a group of Millennials standing together proudly

To establish loyalty with Millennials, concentrate on customer satisfaction – especially in service industries like healthcare. Compared to other generations, Millennials are far more likely to switch providers if not completely satisfied with their experience.

Follow these 3 strategies to beat expectations and retain clients:
1) Be Accessible – Make scheduling appointments or getting answers to questions quick and easy to create a positive experience immediately
2) Be Clear – Hidden costs are a sure way to breed dissatisfaction, so avoid unpleasant surprises
3) Be Personal – Consider a study by Kelton Global which found 66% of patients diagnosed with a chronic condition were more likely to stay with their healthcare provider if that provider personally monitored their health data. Personal relationships are as important to Millennials as to every generation!

Remember, getting prospects through the door is just the first step. Your treatment and interaction with your consumers will be the key to establishing loyalty.

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