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Geofencing and Geoframing

Hyper-specific Location Targeting
Geofencing and geoframing represented by a dart board

Mobile marketing uses geofencing and geoframing to target your consumers on their mobile devices, enabling incredibly specific ad delivery. Here’s a quick overview of how each works:

  1. Geofencing marks a location – from an individual store to a larger area – and then serves devices within that location with targeted advertisements in real time.
  2. With geoframing, a location, time and demographic frame are set to create a custom audience to target later.

Both of these tactics provide excellent marketing opportunities, including:

  • Offering promotions to current/potential customers within a set distance from or exactly within a location
  • Cross-selling customers visiting your business
  • Reaching consumers visiting a related establishment
  • Attracting repeat business
  • Directly marketing consumers visiting competitors

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