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Geotargeting brings success to your marketing program

Target Found: Connecting to the Consumer
Geotargeting represented by a city with circles showing different target areas

In the digital marketing world, geotargeting is important for both local and national brands. Digital Advertisers geotarget to reach consumers through location-based advertisements, acquiring their location through IP address, WIFI, and GPS. It specifically targets using both location and consumer demographics aligned to marketing objectives and ideal customer profiles. With this targeting tool, your company can zero-in on consumers that fit your desired demographic based on where and when they shop.

What you should know:

* Access to a target’s location is given through opt-in of location-based applications or websites.

* Geotargeting is even more effective when applying geofencing or geoframing. (think “in-store” messaging, receiving impressions from a local restaurant, while shopping in that area).

* Geotargeting enables delivery of different content to users based on their location and behavioral profiles.

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