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Google Analytics Filters

Improve Data Quality to Gain Deeper Insight
Google Analytics Filters can remove unwanted data from your reports so you only see Quality Website Traffic data

Data quality is key when using Google Analytics to track website activity, and employing Google Analytics Filters helps clean up your data. If your site gets a lot of traffic internally from employees, or externally from vendors or bots on phishing expeditions, filtering that traffic from your data will provide a better view of your site’s actual performance with the visitors who matter most – your existing and potential customers.

Filters can also be applied to see or exclude traffic to specific subdomains, to “clean up” data by applying lowercase/uppercase conversion to fields, or to include/remove traffic from specific countries. In other words, creating views with filters gives you the ability to see just the data you want, in the format you prefer.

Consider creating filters to hone in on your Google Analytics data. The insights gained could be invaluable. For more information about Google Analytics and website marketing or digital marketing in general, email Courtney Dicely at courtney@firstlooksagency.com or visit First Looks Advertising.