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How to Implement a Cornerstone Program

4 Steps for an Effective Cornerstone Program
Cornerstone Program success involves multiple steps. Here are three parts: strategy, execution and success

Do you have a Cornerstone Program? As everyone knows, to get the best SEO results, keyword research and implementation is needed. However, most people are so worried about keyword research that they often neglect structuring links properly. Here’s where Cornerstone Content comes into play.

Having a cornerstone page -or a few of them- adds strength and popularity to your site. Your audience should be able to click to the Cornerstone page(s) from all related posts and pages. As your site grows and you continue to write posts that are similar to the topic, link those back to your cornerstone pages as well.

Think of it like a map of a state or country. Smaller towns and big cities are all interconnected in some way. However, the big cities have more roads that lead towards them. Those cities are your cornerstone, which receive the most links and SEO strength.

Here are 4 steps to help you produce effective cornerstone content:
     1) Choose relevant content topics (keyword research)
     2) Create content that supports/presents these keywords
     3) Distribute this content (presented in different versions and applications) throughout your site
     4) Sync from that content with ongoing internal linking

For more information about implementing a Cornerstone Program and other SEO activities, Digital Marketing and more, contact First Looks.