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Improve Your Cornerstone Content

The ABCs of CC
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Improve Cornerstone Content for better SEO. Of course, SEO keyword research is an important tool to help you write relevant articles for your website. But cornerstone content analysis takes it a step further. Why? Because cornerstone content should represent your very best subjects and articles—held to a higher standard than other pages and articles. Then, by routing traffic to it, your page becomes more popular and successful.

For best results, use varied subheadings and write concise sentences. Subheadings and shorter sentences will be easier to read—especially on mobile—an important consideration since cornerstone articles often run a long 900+ words in order to provide complete and extensive information.

When constructing your cornerstone content, make sure to include:

  • Keywords in the Subheadings
  • Strong Meta Description
  • Keyword in the URL
  • Quality Images

Expert analysis to help improve cornerstone content on your site can ensure that it ranks high on search engines. For help, contact Courtney@firstlooksagency.com.

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