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Interactive Video…see what you might be missing

Add more shopability to your digital marketing
Interactive video graphic
Why use interactive video? Every advertiser works to create an engagement link with their customer. It’s the core reason for a website, cable spot, Facebook ad or email, working from the premise that the more personal, unique and relevant an engagement, the stronger the bond with the consumer–translating into higher sales conversions.
Interactive videos can play a role in creating that closer engagement. They can speak directly to your audience, based on lifestyle, general interest, age and where they are within their buying journey.

Drive an even deeper connection to an already engaged consumer.

An interactive video allows a viewer to click, hover, swipe, scroll and drag content instead of the limited functions (pause, rewind and play) of a traditional video. This ability, embedded in the digital journey, pushes the customer deeper down the sales funnel by giving the advertiser the opportunity to:

  • highlight certain products that need promoting
  • establish a proven a/b testing process to achieve higher conversion
  • streamline the actual buying journey
  • customize based on viewer preferences or earlier decisions
  • embed a map, location information and hours
Advertisers are using interactive video not only to grow sales, but to drive brand awareness, increase web engagement and build loyalty. Whatever your digital marketing goals, interactive videos are an important tool to consider.

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