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Mobile Marketing Success? Location, Location, Location

Building relationships with location based mobile marketing.
Location based mobile marketing means potential customers will see your ads on their cellphones, such as this man

9 out of 10 US smartphone users use location services on their phone. Location based mobile marketing allows retailers to offer incentives or coupons to customers when they are in or near their store. Here are three tips to help maximize your location based mobile marketing.

  • The educated shopper already has their mobile phone out – they know how compare prices in your store on their mobile phone. This is where a coupon or offer can set you apart with a CTA, working to beat your competition.
  • Give a personal touch – Make the shopper feel special that they came in to your store with offers or a special gift they were only able to get because they showed up.
  • Reminders are important – Not only are you giving them the special offer but also when another is going to happen. This will give them a reason to come back again.

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