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Marketing Online: How to Market to Millenials

Less is more!
Millennials Appreciate Marketing Online

Millennials spend over $600 billion in the United States each year. With all that purchasing power, it’s time to market millennials, a generation that especially appreciates your digital marketing efforts. Here are some tips and techniques from First Looks that will increase your success in millennial marketing:

Website designs that use blank space are favorable among millennials.

This generation has a much shorter attention span. Creating content that is short and simple is important to keep them interested.

If your marketing strategies consist of emails, newsletters or blogs, use interesting, witty headlines.

Millennials like numbers. Use “10 Back to School Essentials” rather than “Back to School Essentials.”

Focusing on new markets aligns your marketing program for future growth. Just remember, millennials grew up with a mouse in their hands and they know how to use it.