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National advertisers change messaging during pandemic

Since you're watching more, watch with a marketer's mindset
Remote control to watch television, including commercials by national advertisers
Are you watching more TV now? While your viewing habits have changed, the national advertisers are changing, too. Here are a few observation points to look for as you view current commercials:
More and more commercials have changed their messaging to help “solve” a problem rather than “sell” a product. Cottonelle is solving your concern for toilet paper – reassuring all there’s plenty to go around while partnering with United Way to help solve the task of giving help to those in need.
Brands are aligning the messaging with far more emotion – wanting the viewer to “feel” the message rather than accept it from a logical perspective. Facebook’s recent emotional commercial connects to who we are rather than who they are.
Familiar brands are placing themselves in familiar settings. Kellogg is reminding us that breakfast doesn’t change – they’re here to help.
Smart advertisers are evoking emotions to build connections to their brand. They’re extremely nimble in changing their creative and budgets quickly. They are also testing new media opportunities. With paid TV viewership challenged (no live sports), streaming is now more popular than ever. For online video, gaming or sponsorships, new media opportunities are now being applied.
For now, let’s enjoy an advertising environment with a little less product and a little more emotion.