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Native Ads versus Display Ads

Is the subtler approach the better approach?
Native Ads look like articles or blogs, similar to the article on this laptop screen.

Online marketing doesn’t lack a large inventory of different approaches to engage an audience. Though multitouch, multichannel or cross-channel marketing advocates using several approaches, sometimes decisions need to be made as to which one will really serve you best. Often that decision is between native ads or display ads.

With native ads blending into the design and flow of a web page, they have a more editorial personality. Display ads, by contrast, purposely stand out and do a little shouting.

Here are a few differences between the two:

-Native presents a soft sell, Display a hard sell
-Native ads have a higher degree of believability than Display
-Native ads can come in the form of video, news stories, reviews, articles and blogs
-Native works well for branding and website traffic, Display for retargeting campaigns
-Display ads have a low CTR; Native have a high CTR
-Display ads offer a far larger selection of ad sizes

Of course, the easy answer is use both, and that might be a valid approach. Much depends on your objective, budget, and timeline. As always, the beauty of digital is the ability to test.