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Marketing Plan Strategy represented by chess piece

Marketing Plan: 4 Key Elements

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

A brilliant marketing plan starts and ends with details. Drilling down early to define details of focus and tactics will not only help in the executional stages,…

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Solve the Marketing Objectives Puzzle

Marketing Objectives: Solving the Problem

If you don't have a problem, you might not have a success.

Lately advertising blogs have been saturated by free SEO tips, best steps for media integration, digital marketing objectives advice and proven techniques for maximizing social media. All…

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Omnichannel Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix: Omni-Channels

A new word in retail marketing worth learning!

Though marketing sometimes creates its own vocabulary, here’s a word that isn’t a catchy phrase of the month. For retail advertisers, it’s a word to address and…

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B2B Marketing: clean shirts and firm handshakes

B2B Marketing: Multichannel Marketing

It's not you, it's them.

In B2B marketing, first appreciate that the number one influential activity concerning B2B buying decisions remains personal interactions. So, keep those shirts clean and your hand shakes…

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