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Touchpoints represented by man using device to find target


Maintain a touchpoint strategy without offending consumers

Digital marketing throws a lot at us. At over 5,000 ads per day per person, the best practice of directing 7 touchpoints to solicit a call to…

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The rule of seven represented by a suited man pointing at touchpoints

The Rule of Seven

Give yourself a numerical advantage

Reaching your consumer is the most important part of any marketing program. Most marketing professionals understand that in order for prospects to get to know, trust and buy…

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Geotargeting represented by a city with circles showing different target areas

Geotargeting brings success to your marketing program

Target Found: Connecting to the Consumer

In the digital marketing world, geotargeting is important for both local and national brands. Digital Advertisers geotarget to reach consumers through location-based advertisements, acquiring their location through…

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TV commercials cost more on network TV than on cable

How Much Do TV Commercials Cost?

Real costs for 30 seconds on broadcast TV

Despite the ongoing news of the full embrace of online digital advertising, make no mistake about it—broadcast network TV continues to be the channel for broad-based branding and…

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