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Online Media Plans 101

Back to basics with these 4 essentials:
SEM PPC (eg Google Ads) data analysis for online media plans follow digital marketing trends

Full of complicated algorithms and almost unlimited choices to consider, internet advertising can get overwhelming quickly. You could drown yourself in analytics or obsess over PPC bid rates, but the best online media plans still rely on a few fundamentals. Let’s go back to basics with these 4 essentials:

  1. Identify Target Audience
    Relate to the right consumer. What do they type into the search bar? Use the answers to take advantage of the demographic/interest-based targeting inherent in online advertising. Successful media plans don’t intend to reach everyone, but the right ones in ways that speak to them.
  2. Develop a Plan
    Develop your plan, incorporating Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook and/or other channels that effectively meet your budget and reach your audience. A skilled media planner will streamline this process while promoting efficiency and attractive ROI.
  3. Design Your Ads
    What better way to stand out than with an innovative and eye-grabbing design? Intrigue your audience and invite them to click for more. A well-designed ad helps define your brand; a strong CTA drives them to it.
  4. Review Analytics
    Keep it relevant by reviewing your analytics regularly, ensuring that your online media placements and designs stay relevant to your marketing objectives.

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