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Online Reviews Build Trust & Traffic

Why every business should strive for 5 stars
Online Reviews Build Trust and Traffic. 5 Stars being selected by a man in a business suit.

We all know online reviews matter. From consumer confidence to subsequent business revenue, a company’s ratings greatly impact its bottom line. But that’s not all- reviews also drive traffic to a business’ website, increase conversions and help savvy business owners make improvements and adjustments to better serve their customers.

In fact, a recent article in Small Business Trends cites the following statistics:

* Business revenue increases up to 9% for every star in a company’s rating

* 72% of consumers trust a local business more when they see positive reviews

* Businesses with at least 3 stars receive 41 out of 47 clicks in Google

* Excellent reviews inspire an average 31% higher spending by consumers

How can your business generate more online reviews?

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For help with an online ratings building initiative, digital marketingwebsite design or any of our full list of advertising services, contact Courtney Dicely, President of First Looks.