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Pantone Colors are Essential for Marketing and Design

Make Pantone colors a part of your design world.
Pantone colors as a string of Christmas lights
What are your brand’s Pantone colors? As the world’s most standardized color matching system, Pantone is the language of colors-used in both offline and online design programs for marketing purposes. A system that was created for identifying, matching and communicating colors for consistency across the advertising, fashion and publishing industries.

Pantone colors are very important in the design and marketing world, used to:

  • Maintain a consistent corporate identity-no matter who is working on a project
  • Give a correct color code for printing purposes
  • Help designers pick exact colors for their products and branding

This year’s Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet. The importance of new Pantone colors in the website design and digital marketing world is so designers can use the color to recreate their brand and sell their products for the new season. Is it time to brighten up your color palette?

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