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A Look at Google’s RankBrain: The Guide to Ranking First

Build your SEO to satisfy the brains behind it
Google’s RankBrain represented by a Google magnifying glass focusing on SEO

Web users conduct billions of searches everyday with the intent of uncovering useful and relevant information. Google’s RankBrain algorithm, the brains behind this phenomenon, plays matchmaker between topics users search and the pages that offer the greatest value. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to consider user intent, RankBrain processes unfamiliar search queries and relates them to existing searches.

Follow these SEO tips to improve your search rankings:

-Understand search intent – uncover users’ intent behind keywords to better connect them to relevant pages.

-Utilize a diverse set of related keywords and synonyms to match search queries.

-Write in natural language – a human is behind every search. Write content that appeals to users’ search intent.

Google’s RankBrain is the latest reason to keep updating your SEO.

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