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Rebrand: Website Redesign

Website redesign starts with the "re."
Rebrand with a Website Redesign

You’ve made the decision to redesign your website and rebrand your image. Great, if it’s done right – more traffic, more conversions, more branding.

For a simple start to your REdesign, use the “RE” as a guide.

“R”Review your keyword selections-they change frequently

Reorganize your content-your visitor’s orientation, not yours

Replace old content with new—even Google likes it when you change

“E” Educate your visitors: they’ll like you more if you help them

Entertain them-consider engaging videos and infographics

Embrace a new look-don’t be shy, be bold!

For a review of your site, or specific suggestions concerning your redesign, contact Courtney at courtney@firstlooksagency.com.

For help with offline or online marketing, count on First Looks!