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Rebranding: Why Rebrand?

Four questions to ask.
Rebranding UPS examples

Rebranding is often based on a belief that a company is out-of-date and no longer reflects the correct mission, personality or communication for that company to profit, or sometimes, just to survive.

A rebrand is a very important exercise that should be approached strategically—asking the right questions of long-term objectives and goals. Here are four initial questions to ask before beginning a re-branding program.

1. Has my company changed? Whether by a merger, new services and products or new ownership, your company may be a different company than it was 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

2. Is my marketing and advertising message still relevant? Depending on how much your audience has changed their behavior or desire, your message might be disjointed, convoluted or just plain out-of-date. Maybe it’s time to add digital advertising or a new website.

3. Has the competitive landscape changed? Of course it has. The question is—are you ahead, equal or behind what your competitors are doing?

4. What is the one overall problem that needs a solution? Not that rebranding will of itself solve this problem, but it may be an appropriate step for your organization to present a new “you” and a new proactive position of moving forward.

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