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Semantic Search: Keywords are only the beginning

PART 1 OF 2: The future of ranking means doing more with your keywords
Semantic search represented by a magnifying glass on the Google logo

As Google pushes towards smarter listing, SEO’s Keyword Component, which has been an instrumental tool in maximizing website’s rankings, is being supplemented by a new component, Semantic Search. A new-school approach to ranking, Semantic Search promises to optimize your rankings further by grouping keywords and phrases by searchers’ intent.

Why the change? Two recent trends in search engine optimization (SEO): Longer tail queries and the desire for more detailed/precise information.

While SEO Keywords might reveal that certain phrases, such as “Baseball Equipment for sale,” “Where to buy cheap Baseball equipment,” and “Best-Quality Baseball Equipment” are relevant, simply incorporating them into your website is not a comprehensive plan. Semantic Search understands this, and therefore, will take those Keyword results and create one page, such as “Buying Baseball Equipment: The Essentials.”

By understanding context and the relationship between words and searches, this gives you the most effective plan to include in your website. As Google incorporates a more topically-based approach, Semantic Search combines the old-school approach of SEO Keyword searches, with the new-school approach of assimilating those keywords into topics, thus giving you the most relevant search results.


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