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SEO Problems: Keeping the crawlers crawling!

Understanding the contributors to the #1 SEO problem
SEO Problems Might Start with Technical Issues with Your Site's Code

In order to keep traffic as high as possible on your website, you must make sure that search engines can swiftly navigate through it. Before your site can emerge in search engine results, the Googlebot maneuvers through its entirety to check functionality. If this step cannot be achieved, then all of your SEO work will ultimately be for nothing. An often-neglected practice is making sure your website structure is fully operational.

Here are 2 SEO problems to address:

Broken Links and Redirects:
Contributors such as broken links and redirects can severely hinder your website’s crawlability and overall structure. Broken links can be caused by discontinued content or mistyped links. Redirects can also negatively impact your reputation in the eyes of the Googlebot if viewers are not allowed to access a certain page. In some cases, the page will redirect to itself, or to other pages and then back to the original. As a result, the browser will stall and explain that an error has occurred. It is imperative to understand that these problems are avoidable, yet common – approximately 30% of websites have broke internal links.

Sitemap and Robots.txt:
Flaws in sitemap and robot.txt can also pose severe problems for your site. While these can be beneficial to keep bots from having access to certain pages on your site, syntax errors can backfire. Sitemap.xml format errors affect about 13% of websites, while robot.txt errors are less common but just as important.

Keep in mind that your website’s health is your top priority. If you notice any of these SEO problems, resolve them immediately so your website’s performance stays up to par.

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