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AARP wanted to contemporize their direct mail program promoting their sponsored healthcare insurance programs. Our assignment was to create direct mail with an emphasis on active, healthy lifestyles. The strategy was to create and establish new controls in a direct mail advertising campaign targeting younger AARP members in their prime.


Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind range hood masterpieces define the artisan products of this New Jersey manufacturer. Introducing Amoré to the custom luxury market included initial branding programs defining their corporate identity and position in the marketplace including logo design and a B2B advertising program. With completion of the website, Amoré now competes nationally for the placement of its products in many of America’s finest homes.

Architectural Digest

A Conde Nast publication, Architectural Digest is the international authority that features the work of top architects and designers. As more of their marketing programs shifted to online activities, the publisher tasked First Looks with helping subscriptions, ebilling and renewal programs by helping to refresh online communications through new HTML email programs.

Services: HTML Emails

Bank of America

For one of the nation’s largest banks and a leading issuer of consumer credit, we produced many control packages through a process of repackaging their presentations and renaming their products. Our current control has not only won in pure response, but also by more that 13% on a cost per booked account basis.

Services: Direct Mail

Bank One

Bank One was the fourth largest automotive finance company in the USA, providing commercial credit for dealers and retail credit for customers either buying or leasing a car. We developed their first national advertising campaign, then supported it with sales collateral, direct mail, trade show exhibits and dealer-directed promotions. And, to keep the sales force in close touch with their dealer customers on a weekly basis, we created a fax newsletter featuring a special promotion in each issue, called”The Dealer’s Page.”


When Barron’s launched a redesigned magazine format, they retained us to introduce the magazine’s cleaner, crisper look created by Milton Glaser. With Barron’s readership already consistently beating the major indices, our mailing focused on how the new and better Barron’s could help subscribers even more.

Services: Direct Mail

Blake Recovery Center

As part of Carrier Clinic, the largest behavioral healthcare system in New Jersey, Blake Recovery Center needed a separate brand to better position itself to those suffering from drug and alcohol issues. Starting with a new logo and a new website, First Looks added a homepage video, plus a full collection of informative and educational online videos. An SEM program drove more traffic to the new website to complement a complete behavioral healthcare advertising program.

Blue Cross Blue Shield/WellPoint

WellPoint, Inc. is the nation’s leading health benefits company, serving approximately 35 million Blue Cross/Blue Shield members nationwide. First Looks was retained to reinvent its medical marketing communications efforts to persuade members to fill their maintenance prescriptions online rather than at retail locations. The new direct mail dramatized the online customer’s savings and convenience.

Services: Direct Mail

Bon Appétit

Having recently refreshed its brand with a new look and personality, Bon Appétit needed to also enhance their online subscription services. First Looks was able to establish new email controls for their subscription, gift and ebilling services.

Britland Auto Body

With two locations in central New Jersey, and a rich heritage of over 40 years of service, Britland’s re-branding program served as a small business success story for First Looks. B2C advertising activities included: new outdoor campaign, new cable commercials, new print collateral and a new website. Since auto accidents happen on the road, a special mobile site was also produced.

Carrier Clinic

Capitalizing on its 100th anniversary, Carrier Clinic, the largest private behavioral healthcare system in New Jersey (over 300 beds), chose First Looks to rebrand itself. We worked to completely rebuild their marketing program and identity. With a new website at its core, the program expanded to include cable, radio, outdoor, transit, print and internet healthcare advertising. As Carrier’s healthcare advertising agency, First Looks’ collateral and trade show component designs help promote Carrier’s mental illness, substance abuse, and special education services.

Condé Nast

As one of the world’s largest and most respected media publishers, Condé Nast attracts 95 million readers to their print and digital brands. Direct mail and email play a vital role in efficiently reaching, nurturing and expanding their bases. First Looks creates many successful email programs that help to increase response rates for many different activities from initial subscription to online payments. Magazines include: Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, Golf Digest, Self and Allure.

Creditek Healthcare

Part of Creditek Inc., this subsidiary addressed the escalating market for receivables in the healthcare industry. Utilizing an introductory rollout, First Looks’ program addressed credit departments and managers nationwide with the need to bring in specialists who dealt with the healthcare industry to improve their receivables and address their bottom line.


With ongoing water pollution issues throughout the country, a new company has produced a superior refrigerator water filter–better than most refrigerator brands. First Looks developed the name, brand, and corporate identity for the national campaign. Placement in the Amazon environment (as well as website purchases) and B2C healthcare product marketing has led to early success of the product.

Dawan Global

As a manufacturer of solar power rechargers, this company’s full line of products applies to all those consumers who have cell phones, ipads and other digital products. First Looks developed their initial branding, website development, online marketing, trade show exhibits, print advertising, email communications, and other online and offline support channels defining a complete solar product marketing program.

Deltan Data Recovery Services

Utilizing skill sets from criminal computer forsenics, Deltan’s entrance into the data recovery sector needed professional help to package and promote their sets of services for both the consumer and business communities. First Looks was chosen to create the initial brand and design a new website to establish a presence on the web via strong SEO components directed to their primary target audiences.

Dow Jones

One of America’s largest and most trusted financial publishers, Dow Jones came to First Looks for help with many of their individual products and services. These include Wall Street Journal Subscription marketing, Barron’s Direct Mail and Subscription, branding of special education products (high school and MBA programs), B-B amenity products and services to the hotel sector.

Envision Video Services

Creating digital copies of videos, films, photos and audio recordings, Envision Video Services is an expert at preserving memories, and needed an expert marketing agency to deliver the message. First Looks used a multi-channel marketing strategy, including digital advertising, to bring in customers, and delivered effective ongoing email marketing. To promote EVS’ burgeoning video production arm, First Looks produced a new website with powerful SEO, showcasing video samples and staff expertise.

Financial Times

The Financial Times is one of the world’s most trusted and authoritative sources of business information. FT turned to us to create sophisticated direct mail that dramatized how—unlike other publications that are widening their content with something for everybody—FT narrows in on the news and intelligence discriminating readers need to make informed, educated decisions.

Services: Email Direct Mail


The competitive financial magazine market has just a few brands that continue to define and report the world financial markets, Forbes being one of them. First Looks helped re-package their direct mail campaign with a new control for their national magazine subscription efforts.

Services: Direct Mail

Freedom Bank

While Freedom Bank in New Jersey opened new locations, this full-service commercial bank sought a new marketing approach to match the excitement of expansion. Turning to First Looks, Freedom benefited from rebranding, a successful Google Ads and Facebook advertising, new print ads in more publications and marketing automation. New in 2020: an updated website with informative videos and improved SEO.

Glacier Fresh

Addressing America’s contaminated water issues, Glacier Fresh produces the world’s best refrigerator water filter. With patents on its water filtration system, this new company from New Jersey chose First Looks to produce initial branding–company naming, corporate identity, packaging, website and entire national rollout utilizing offline and online programs.

Golf Digest

One of the leading golf authorities both in their online and offline publishing, this Conde Nast entity asked First Looks to help their publishing marketing with their online activities for email subscription, ebillings and gifting.

H&H Swiss

As a manufacturer of fine precision parts, H&H Swiss is a 45-year-old company that supplies parts to the technology, healthcare and airline industries. With competition from overseas, H&H Swiss asked First Looks to help with their online communications with the objective of bringing more people to their website and increasing the conversion of those leads into sales.

Haute So Sweet

Ever gaze at the construction of an incredibly designed gourmet cake and wonder, “How did they do that?” These answers and more are found at Haute So Sweet. With a roll-out marketing program aimed at New York City’s corporate, celebrity and wealthy communities, this custom cake bakery soon enjoyed page one rankings on Google and enjoyed winning awards for both their new custom logo and tasty new website.

HealthMed Urgent Care

With the popularity of urgent care centers as a more affordable solution for fast, needed healthcare, HealthMed chose First Looks to establish their brand and advertise their new locations opening up throughout New Jersey. Integrated local campaigns utilize both digital and traditional channels in a successful medical advertising strategy.

Hybridge Learning Group

With one in fifteen children having some degree of autism, the Hybridge Learning Group with offices in New Jersey and Delaware, addresses the important need of education through homecare and public school services. First Looks initiated a regional marketing push defined by online improvements in their website and educational content marketing highlighted by informative videos, as well as enhancement of their referral programs. These referral programs included physicians and onsite contacts with public school districts throughout NJ and Delaware.


The full line of new power servers needed a branding collateral program to guide and aid all internal and external marketing units worldwide. A corporate identity program was developed and then packaged that defined the presentation and usage of the server line to international marketing programs. First Looks participated in graphic design of collateral, print ads, product photography, and CD packaging.

Kier’s Kidz

Helping children with cancer is more that hoping for a miracle drug. This New Jersey non-profit offers valuable resources for families of children with cancer–providing assistance to those needing both emotional and financial support. Kier’s Kidz’ specific services include both education and directed sources for DNA sequencing. First Looks helps to both package and deploy these most important services to needing families, including an SEO-rich website update and Google Ads campaign.


A central New Jersey institution, LLOYD’s HOME FURNISHING defined the market for quality home furnishing in New Jersey for over 75 years. Since retired, LLOYD’s HOME FURNISHING remains a client we proudly present.

A complete re-branding program began in 1994. Throughout our 21-year partnership, ongoing print advertising (magazine and newspaper) was complemented by cable television, radio, ecommerce website, outdoor boards, direct mail and special events. Advertising and marketing services also applied to their separate furniture operations: “French Shop”,  “Sofabed Alley,” “Sofa  Depot,” Kids Furniture Land, and Antiques and Finds.

Marion Thompson Charter School

One of the largest and most successful charter school in Newark, NJ,  the Marion Thompson Charter School asked that First Looks help with their fund development program. Soliciting parents and the community, an education advertising program was developed to inform and educate these groups about the mission, success and funding requirements for a new high school.

National Balloon Council

A trade organization working directly with the retailers and manufacturers of balloons, the National Balloon Council’s mission is to foster the safe application of balloons: production, selling and proper disposal. First Looks redesigned their website to give a more contemporary presentation, highlighting their new applications and features in an attractive non profit website.

Services: Website Design

Netherwood Group

A B2B consulting company that works directly with America’s CEOs. This group works to package, foster, promote and initiate a CEO’s missions, objectives and directions throughout his/her Fortune 500 organization. To achieve B2B branding success for the Netherwood Group, First Looks branded the company, as well as produced collateral, web videos and online communications.

New Jersey Multiple Listing Service

Since 1977, the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service has served Realtor members in northern NJ. Their consumer-facing site boasts the most extensive and up-to-date real estate listings in the area – with millions of visitors each year. NJMLS initially came to First Looks for expanded digital advertising, direct mail and collateral programs. Successful new Facebook and programmatic campaigns, as well as an updated brand image, double digit improvements to Google Ads CTRs and First Looks’ signature collaborative approach led NJMLS to retain First Looks for ongoing marketing programs.

New York Life

For Mainstay Investments, part of New York Life, we developed major new marketing programs for their Simple IRA product. With “It’s Simply IRASISTIBLE!” as the unifying theme, we created initial branding elements, direct mail, brochures, multimedia presentations and national financial advertising – all aimed to the owners of small businesses in America.

Pine View Terrace

As one of the largest manufactured housing communities in New Jersey, Pine View wanted to increase their online traffic. Pine View aimed to reach people who wanted to buy and rent manufactured homes. First Looks rebranded Pine View with a new logo and a new website–one that interjected a lifestyle component to the mobile home community while populating with strong SEO for increased web traffic.

Plainfield Symphony Orchestra

As one of the oldest community symphonies in the country, the Plainfield Symphony was interested in broadcasting its brand through larger sections of the state. This non-profit branding initiative with collateral, direct mail and email programs helped package seasonal concert programs into a more consumer-related delivery to increase season enrollment tickets and concert attendance.

Precision Shape Solutions

Propelled at 55,000 pounds per square inch, water jet cutting offers a flexible and versatile resource in wide variety of manufacturing processes. First Looks was chosen to rebrand and build a website to position PSS into a state-of-the art provider of water jet and laser cutting, fabricating and finishing of metal materials. Serving the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, military, construction, automotive, medical, and other industrial companies, online marketing helped position PSS as a one stop source for industrial clients.

Reproductive Medicine Associates

Working with the increasing fertility market throughout the world, Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) developed and brought to market a proprietary program of IVA, which has beaten the national success rates for this type of program. Supporting their content marketing/health marketing programs, First Looks helped to package and publish the set of procedures and details needed to fully explain to the gynecologists and physicians nationwide this innovative infertility treatment.

Revere Paper

A 50-year-old office supplies vendor to large corporations in New York City and north New Jersey, Revere Paper needed its first-ever online exposure. First Looks rebranded the company with a new website, with strong SEO for its large variety of products. Rollout of new website was complemented by local direct mail.

Rider Insurance

For the fastest-growing motorcycle insurance company in America, First Looks re-branded this forty-year-old institution. Selling only motorcycle insurance, the New Jersey Company enjoys a strong loyalty with riders because of their genuine enthusiasm and participation within the industry. Building upon this heritage, First Looks created a new insurance advertising print campaign, email programs and inbound videos on a newly designed website.

Royce Brook

Originally a Chubb Insurance property, First Looks was retained to increase both profile and membership into the 36-hole golf club. Working within the highly competitive private and public golf environments, First looks helped Royce Brook gain Golf Club of the Year status with new branding, website, print advertising, collateral, special events, direct mail and content marketing.

Safe Horizon

As the nation’s leading victim assistance organization, Safe Horizon serves more than 350,000 people each year. A large part of their success is partnering with American corporate giants to address the issue of domestic violence in the workplace. First Looks was retained to help position them to Fortune 500 CEOs to promote the cause, address the need, and lead initiatives to educate employees in domestic violence as it affects their workplace – a non-profit marketing success.

Senior Advantages

As one of south Florida’s largest referral services for assisted living care, Senior Advantages had First Looks rebrand their website as it needed to increase search rankings and click rates throughout the region. Through specific SEO geo targeting we were able to reach communities where the population of senior citizens supported the assisted living referral services offered by Senior Advantages  – making First Looks the healthcare digital agency to choose for online success.

Senior Nannies

Headquartered in Miami, Senior Nannies is one of south Florida’s largest home healthcare operations. With aging baby boomers producing the need for more homecare services and stiff competition within this market, top healthcare advertising agency First Looks was retained to re-brand their identity within their online marketing. After creating a new logo, we redesigned their website program with a strong SEO platform. Content marketing enhancements completed this healthcare rebranding success story.

The Bethwood

A New Jersey institution for more than 50 years, The Bethwood’s banquet facility retained First Looks to completely repackage their marketing and communication programs. Activities include: upgrading their image, maximizing profit centers and expanding their target audiences.

The Hartford

The Hartford brought us in to test against their control for AARP Auto Insurance. Their direct mail and print ads to members had become stale, and so had the results. With different formats that each dramatized why The Hartford was AARP’s educated choice for value and dependability, our client succeeded with back-to-back new controls. Take a look at our direct mail samples to see why.

The Imperia

One of central New Jersey’s most elegant banquet and conference centers is a combination of strengths from the Janus Corporation in Columbus, Ohio and the RHD Development Company in South Plainfield. With contemporary sophistication and elegance, The Imperia is now enjoying strong market share within this competitive New Jersey market utilizing advertising and event marketing.

The Wall Street Journal

Extending one of America’s strongest brands–not only breaking and establishing new controls in basic subscription enrollment–First Looks also participated in marketing programs for their education, hospitality and corporate America sectors. This includes print, web and collateral communications promoting both the print and online products.

Trump National Golf Club

Though masters of brand building, the Trump organization was still looking for marketing services to help package and deploy communications of their golf club in Bedminster, NJ. First Looks helped produce their first ever print and direct mail components within a program of re-focusing the club to be more family-oriented while still establishing a high value to its membership.

Washington Times

Working to gain market share from their competitor across Pennsylvania Avenue, The Washington Post, The Washington Times brought in First Looks to reestablish their newspaper direct mail subscription program. Working under the tagline “prepost,” we established a new control for the subscriptions of their newspaper product.

Services: Direct Mail