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SMART Marketing Goals for Small Business

The basics of SMART goal-setting
Digital Marketing for Small Business and setting SMART marketing goals for small business

What are SMART marketing goals?

  • Specific: Try to be as thorough and detailed as you can so there is no room for interpretation on what your team should deliver.
  • Measurable: Trackable goals will help you and your team determine if you are actually moving closer or steering further away from your business desires.
  • Attainable: While we were always told to “dream big,” take a step back and make sure your goals are actually achievable with the time and budget allotted. Keeping your objectives attainable will keep your team excited and constantly encourage superior work.
  • Relevant: Keep your customers in mind. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to focus on the big picture and forget about what your target audience actually needs and cares about. Make sure everything you are investing in is relevant to the business and to your customer base. This goes along with the keywords you use on your website, the posts you release on your social media pages, and the emails you send out to customers.
  • Timely: Deadlines are great ways to accomplish your goals. These deadlines can be for both your team and customers. Using promotions to encourage sales before a given date will increase customer value, and providing your team with deadlines forces employees to act quickly and focus on the task at hand.

Marketing with SMART goals in mind helps small businesses compete in a big business world.

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