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Social Media Platforms: Are You Pinteresting?

5 Principles of Pinterest You Need to Know.
A component of social media platforms is liking posts

Pinterest has quickly become one of the top ranking social media platforms. The average Pinterest user (of the 70 million, which 80% are women) spends 98 minutes on the site at a time. Here are some terms you should be aware of.

What is it: Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to post organized pictures of your interests.

Pins: Pins are images posted to Pinterest that when clicked, lead back to your website.

Repins: When a person likes what you have posted they can repin it and add it to their Pinterest to come back to and look at later.

Boards: Boards are a collection of pins sorted by topics. Pinterest allows each user up to 500 boards.

Following: Follow companies or people with similar interests and they will follow you back, generating more traffic to your Pinterest when they repin your posts. You can choose to follow a single board of a pinner or their entire profile.

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